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PC Service Centre Workshop, On-Site Computer repairs and I.T. solutions

Computer Repair for all Makes and models of I.T. hardware

Your I.T. Department, Fast and Reliable Services

PC Service Store frontPC Service Store front


PC Service Centre workshop is located at 2/289 Colombo Street near Christchurch CBD’s centre for fast, reliable service of your I.T. equipment.

  • Workshop computer repairs for all computer makes and models
  • Printers, monitors, keyboards and mice
  • I.T. solutions for home and business
Onsite service

On-Site Repairs for your I.T. systems

PC Service Centre technicians can come to you delivering all types of I.T. solutions. We offer an On-Site service to all Home and Business users. You can book a time from the web or call us on 03 9820288.

  • Onsite Repairs
  • Scheduled Times
  • Pickup and Drop Off Service
  • Disconnect and Reconnect Systems
  • Internet – Wifi and Cabled

Remote support for Home and Business systems

With your assistance and an internet connection, we can log onto your computer and assist with many minor problems that occur with computers.

  • Connecting Printers
  • Computer software configuration
  • Servers maintenace and configurations
  • Network errors
  • 365 Office and Gsuite errors
  • Home Internet
  • Office Internet
Tech installTech install

Setting up, installing, Configuring I.T. for home and Business

I.T. equipment requires setup, installation and configuration. PC Service Centre has a full install service for all types of I.T. systems, from small single home setups to large businesses with vendor or PC Service Centre supplied equipment.

  • Printers
  • Computers
  • Servers
  • Networks
  • Office Layouts
  • Home Internet
  • Office Internet
  • All I.T. Equipment

Windows 11 – Turning on WiFi

Windows tips and tricks PC Service Centre tips and tricks for windows 10 and Windows 11 the newest and latest operating system offering from microsft.  By Maarten Schaap Windows 10 WiFi setup. Click on the globe or network icon on the taskbar, If with wifi

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PC Service Centre Computer repairs and I.T. solutions

Drop Off and courier service available for your I.T. equipment

Drop off is easy; take it to our workshop at 289 Colombo Street. For a speedy drop off, fill out the paperwork before you arrive. Click here, fill it out and drop it in, and the machine will go to the booked in time. If you don’t have time or can’t get to us, Click here, and we will be in touch with options like a courier or our onsite service.


Fill out the webform Click here.

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Drop-off machine at 2/289 Colombo Street.

Once the booking form has been accepted, we will contact you with drop-off instructions.


We will diagnose the machine. On acceptance of the quote, we will repair the machine and send an invoice. Once payment has been received, we will arrange the pickup of the machine.

PC Service Store frontPC Service Store front

Computer Repairs

Computers never fail at the right time. PC Service Centre workshop can repair your system fast and we can even loan a machine if required.

make my computer run faster!

The most common request we get - Answer is in 90% of cases the problem is the machines harddrive and yes we can upgrade the device.

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PC Service Webstore open 24 hours a day.

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