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PC Service Centre Antivirus solutions

Trial Of Eset internet security

Has your machine failed? PC Service Centre workshop has test equipment to backup, test, and resolve all faults presented by computers.

Trial Eset nod32 / 5 user

Viruses and malware cause machines to run slow and compromise the computer’s security. We recommend running a top-level Internet security product like Eset internet security and following safe computing guidelines.

Antivirus installer service

PC Service Centre webstore is open 24/7. All products are put through our quality of service procedure and come with a manufactures warranty for your protection.

PC Service Centre Recommends Eset Security solutions

AntiVirus and adware solutions

All computers need antivirus. Windows has a free solution, but it is highly recommended that you use the mainstream antivirus such as Eset Antivirus for speed. The solutions also offer many more security features.

Business AntiVirus

Antivirus for your business is mandatory. We advise on solutions based on your business type and network infrastructure. Please call us for more information.

AntiVirus Features

Features to look for in an antivirus solution are things like updating, antivirus protection, firewall accustoming, antispyware, bloatware, and overall compatibility with the machine and the operating system.

automate repeating tasks

Antivirus should do everything for you, and if something goes wrong, have a notification system that alerts you to the error.

Choose your plan

You will be charged for the plan after the admin approves your vendor account

Eset Internet security "installed"

$ 119
00 Per year
  • Initial setup, install
  • 1 Licence
  • Automatic updates
  • Internet security

Eset endpiont security "installed"

$ 390
00 Per year
  • Initial setup, install
  • 5 Computers
  • Cloud control
  • Business only

Upgrade to eset internet security "installed"

$ 95
Per year
  • Initial setup, install
  • 1 Upgrade licence
  • Automatic updates
  • Eset internet security

Eset Security products

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Frequently asked questions

You can purchase solutions from us at and we will be able to assist you.

Yes, we can. This can be done in our workshop, remotely or a scheduled onsite visit.

Most solutions use green is good and orange and red mean there is something wrong, but a look at the Antivirus developer’s website, will clarify this.

It is advised that a professional install the Antivirus for you and run the first scans.  This will give them the opportunity to rectify any issues that may arise.

In nearly all cases, all that is required is to check the notification and connect to the internet long enough to download the updates and let them install. If in doubt call us and we can assist.

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