Appliance Based Computer Backup

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PC Service Centre backup and restore solutions

Appliance Based Backup

Backup failed or you don’t have a backup solution on your system. We can help, Backup and restore of systems big and small, From one computer to many computers, our backup solutions have you covered

The proccess

Call PC Service centre, and we will set up a time for an onsite visit to access your needs and supply a Quote.

Why use an appliance?

The cloud for backup is great but is reliant on bandwidth and time to retrieve. Cloud backup will backup Documents, Pictures, Videos and selected files. Most cloud vendors will also charge to retrieve your data. Appliance systems are located onsite (your place) and can be accessed without the need for the internet.

PC Service Centre Recommends Backing up Computers

This will aid in the recovery of your Data if your Data goes missing.

Frequently asked questions

You can purchase solutions from us at and we will be able to assist you with all you enquiries.

PC Service centre will install the whole system a run your first backups.

Most solutions use green is good and orange and red mean there is something wrong, You can also  look at the revovery options and restore a file from the list. For more support you can contact us and our technitians will be happy to help.

Yes, you can assist us with the install process. We will setup the system and send the system preconfigured for you to instll the phisical hardware. We will then check the install and run the first backup.

Yes, PC Service Centre help with all issues that effect backup. We also offer a monitoring service. If in doubt call us and we can assist.

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