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Data Backup and Restore is often overlooked?


Backup and Restore for your Data .

Number one problem we come across.

Number one problem:   Backup and restore is overlooked and put in the tomorrow basket.

In the IT world, Data backup and Restore is one of the most commonly overlooked functions, yet without a robust backup routine, your business can be severely crippled, even when there is a backup in place often they are not setup to industry standards. As IT we need to preform heroics to recover from these oversights which sometimes works and sometimes it doesn’t.

It is easy to install, maintain, and check backup and restore solutions as most of the functionality is automated these days, but it is not set and forget. Our advice is to get professional assistance.

There are many different methods of ensure that your data is backed up so there is definitely a solution available to suit you. In some cases the best choice is to use Cloud Backup and in others it is more viable to use local and off site solutions in the form of external or flash drives but our advise is to make sure it is right for your business.

We can offer a wide range of backup solutions that can be tailored to suit your business and budget. We can advise what solution is required from a single laptop to Businesses with servers (local and virtual)

We also have solutions for business dropbox, 365, Gsuite and similar cloud programs. These are  often over looked as cloud solutions and why should the program be backed up, we have found may situations where account has been jeopardised and is not retrievable, most commonly by Malware activity.


Which ever method you choose Remember: a backup is not a backup till the backup is off site, verified and the restore is tested. This needs to be done on a regular basis. Only when all these steps are completed do you really have a backup instead of just a copy.

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