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PC Service Center offers a full range of Business IT Solutions.

We Supply, Install,  Setup and Maintain all IT Hardware and Software for your Business

I.T Support – Keeping I.T Running Smoothly

Our I.T support at PC Service starts with a phone call. We will set up a time to come to your Business and discuss how we can help. Our services range from a break-fix agreement to full-service contracts. We have full onsite service available where we come to your business. We also use remote access to help with those errors that occur with software from time to time. Our workshop is also open during business hours if you wish to drop off a machine.

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Computer Break-Fix Agreements

PC SERVICE CENTRE Business IT Break-fix agreements revolve around keeping the business running and if required we will find a temporary solution to issues like internet outages, Machine failures, network problems, system failures …

I.T Contracts

Our Team looks after many business’s machines. Our contracts cover maintenance, Remote support, On-site support, regular updates, Newsletters on I.T, Scheduled Onsite visits.

Call us to find out more. (03) 9820288. We will arrange a free 15-minute assessment to see if our solutions fit’s your business.


Your business requires accounting, management communication software. We will coordinate with your software vendors, set up all the supplied software required for your business.  We can also supply and install all current operating systems Microsoft office products, Linux based office systems.

Other I.T Services

  • Internet,

  • Network setups, routers, switches, WiFi

  • Computer sales, repairs, upgrades

  • Printers, Consumables

  • VOIP, accounts, Hardware, maintenance

PC Service installs all Business hardware from the switch to the end user desktop.

A tailored approach…

IT requirements vary from business to business, which is why we prefer to work closely with our customers to understand their business needs, so that we may deliver a flexible, scalable and cost-effective IT solution that is tailored to their business needs.


We supply and install Active Directory servers, Exchange servers, Remote Desktop servers, File servers, Backup servers, Application servers and Gateway servers.

Read more about Servers

Workstations / Computers

We Supply and install workstations, thin clients, computers. We work with all leading brands of manufacturers for the procurement of hardware. We set up the units to desktop in our workshop including Installation of Microsoft Office and other 3rd party software if required.

IT Administrators

As IT administrators we monitor all hardware on your network, offering a remote and onsite service to keep your business running.

Cloud Solutions

PC Service Centre in conjunction with our sister company mtwo.co.nz  offers a comprehensive range of cloud solution.

  1. Email

  2. Backup (Local and cloud solutions)

  3. VOIP(voice over internet protocol)

  4. Internet (Broadband)

  5. 365 office

Pain-free IT installations

We always set up and test new servers and network equipment in advance, which reduces the time required on site, keeping disruption to an absolute minimum.  We will also be on hand for those vital first few days to de-snag and to assist with any teething problems associated with implementing a new IT system to make it as straightforward and pain-free as possible.

Fast and trusted service for your home or office computer system
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