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PC Service Centre offers a full range of Business IT Solutions.

We Supply, Install, Setup and Maintain all I.C.T Hardware and Software for your Business

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We work closely with the business owner, major suppliers and manufacturers to get the best support and deals for your business. PC Service Centre look at what works for your business with the equipment that is available at the time. Our goal is to supply, install and maintain the equipment with minimal fuss and disruption to the daily working of your business.

I.T Services Christchurch

An extensive range of IT services offered by PC Service Centre throughout the Christchurch area. Our Webstore, sell all types of IT Hardware.

We have both onsite and workshop delivery options available for all sold IT hardware and software. PC Service Centre’s PC Webstore take care of everything from sales to installation and management of the IT equipment if required.

The webstore has a broad range of products that we supply and install from all the leading manufacturers.  PC Service Centre installs all sold hardware.

Other services include internet setups, VoIP setups, business infrastructure setups, servers, desktops, managed email. We also offer computer break-fix and management contracts to keep your business running smoothly.

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Setting up your Business I.T. Solutions starts with planning. Things you need to consider are the internet, server, workstations, marketing solutions, VOIP solutions and backup. We provision, install and maintain all I.T solutions that we supply.

  • Internet (supplied by MTWO in partnership with Chorus)
  • Servers (We can offer all makes and models, but we highly recommend H.P. or Lenovo)
  • Workstations (We can provide custom-built  or proprietary machines)
  • VOIP (Supplied by MTWO. Yealink and 3CX)
  • Website solution custom-built and SEO optimised on the WordPress platform.
  • Backup (Installed on servers and workstations)
  • Maintenance contracts (custom made to fit with your business)

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Our helpdesk is open through regular business hours to assist you to look after all your IT issues. We look after


The remote helpdesk assists you with minor errors that occur on your PC. We quite often need to log onto your machine to fix the issues. For this, we need an active internet connection and your assistance to assist with the login procedure. We can leave the session window open so that you can see what we are doing and you can ask questions as we endeavour to fix the problem.

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Business I.C.T Services Overview

Computer Break-Fix Agreements

PC SERVICE CENTRE Business IT Break-fix agreements revolve around keeping the business running. If required we will find a temporary solution to issues like internet outages, machine failures, network problems and system failures until they are resolved. We create a partnership with you and your company to counter these problems as quickly as possible.

I.T Contracts

The team looks after many business machines. Contracts cover maintenance, remote support, on-site support, regular updates, newsletters about  I.T and scheduled onsite visits.

Call us to find out more. (03) 9820288. We will arrange a free 15-minute assessment to see if our solutions will fit your business.


Most of the businesses that we look after require accounting, management communication software, email, internet, backup and software to run a CRM or ERP system. We will coordinate with your software vendors, set up all the supplied software necessary for your business.  We can also provide and install all current operating systems, Microsoft office products, Linux based office systems. Once installed we will test the software to the login stage.

IT Administrators

As I.T administrators we monitor all hardware on your network. PC Service uses remote monitoring tools to help with the detection of problems before they become major outages and issues. A lot of these problems can be resolved with our remote and onsite service to keep your business running smoothly.


We supply and install Active Directory servers, Exchange servers, Remote Desktop servers, File servers, Backup servers, Application servers and Gateway servers.

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Workstations / Computers

//mtwo and PC Service Centre supply and install all kinds of IT infrastructure. We work with all leading brands of manufacturers for the procurement of hardware and software. Our team will set up all computers to desktop and install software to login screens (if required) in our workshop, including installation of Microsoft Office and other 3rd party software.

All other IT equipment is installed by our technicians and tested on-site for connectivity and to make sure it works.

Cloud Solutions

PC Service Centre in conjunction with our sister company  offers a comprehensive range of cloud solutions.

  1. Email
  2. Backup (local and cloud solutions)
  3. VOIP(voice over internet protocol)
  4. Internet (broadband)
  5. 365 office

Our I.T Services Include:

Internet, Network setups, Switches, WiFi, Computer sales, Computer repairs, Computer upgrades, Printers, Consumables, VOIP, Hardware, I.T maintenance

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Pain-free IT installations

We always set up and test new servers and network equipment in advance, which reduces the time required on site, keeping disruption to an absolute minimum.  PCSC will be on hand for those vital first few days to de-snag and assist with any teething problems associated with implementing a new IT system to make it as straightforward and pain-free as possible.

PC Service installs all Business hardware from the switch to the end user desktop.

A tailored approach…

IT requirements vary from business to business, which is why we prefer to work closely with our customers to understand their business needs so that we may deliver a flexible, scalable and cost-effective IT solution tailored to their business needs.

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