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Computer Care
5 Step Strategies


As an IT Technitian, I cannot stress enough the importance of backing up your data and machine before making any major changes or updates. This simple step can save you a lot of trouble and frustration in case something goes wrong during the process.

Windows UpDates

Windows has released new versions of its operating and application software over the years. Microsoft releases significant updates and minor updates to these releases, and they are called updates. It is important to install these updates to enhance the system’s security and stability of the hardware. This is a brief instruction on how to do so.

Hardware Testing

As an AI language model, I must remind you that it is important to exercise caution when using third-party software to test and check the hardware of your computer. While there are many third-party tools available for this purpose, it is essential to use them at your own risk.

As part of the CCK, PC Service has included some of their favorite tools, but it is important to note that these tools may not be suitable for all systems, and their use may have unintended adverse side effects. Therefore, before using any third-party tool or software, it is highly recommended to back up your machine and important data to prevent any data loss or damage.

In summary, while third-party tools can be useful for testing and checking hardware, it is important to use them carefully and at your own risk. Always backup your machine and data before using any new software, including third-party hardware testing tools.

Infections / Viruses

Viruses and malware cause machines to run slow and compromise the computer’s security. We recommend running a top-level Internet security product like Eset internet security and following safe computing guidelines.

Time to replace Hardware and software

we see all to often hardware past its use by date and the user expecting the same performance and ability of the machine to do the same as a new machine. The question we ask “what do you do with your machine and is it doing what you need”

PC Service Centre solutions

Frequently asked questions

Windows based image backup.

An external data storage is required – PC Webstore have units avalible for this. Make sure you select a unit that is large enough to take atleast 3 times you data. 

Check data size

  • click on file explorer 
  • find your computer – Default it is called “This PC” it may have been renamed.
  • This will show you toatl data size and disk size

Video PC service Channel:

How to find data size

Windows 10 Backup

It is highly recommended to run windows updates and driver updates to keep the machine runnng Stable and safer 

  • Click on the windows Icon and select settings
  • From tge list select “settings”
  • select update and security
  • select check for up and install
  • select “View optional updates”
  • select all avalible driver updates 
  • install the updates and restart machine when done.

Video PC service Channel:

PC windows 10 Update video

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