Computer Repairs
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Computer Repairs

Our technicians carry out computer repairs from our workshop in Colombo st. We have a full range of services to take care of any hardware or software problems that can occur with computer systems.

On site

We have an onsite service that comes to your home or business to fix any computer or computer-related issues that arise. Just call us, and we will take care of it from there.

PC Service Centre Workshop

Our workshop is located in Christchurch, Colombo street. We aim to securely look after your machine and carry out repairs to any hardware, software faults.

Remote Assistance

Your computer not running as well as it should but are still on the internet? With this internet connection and your assistance, we use a highly secure app to log onto your machine and assist to cure the fault.

Computer repairs

The easiest way is to fill out the form below, and we will contact you or ring us on 039820288. 

Frequently asked questions

When a job is received in the workshop, we action it that day and make a diagnostic assessment. We will contact you to discuss a plan to fix the machine.

When we receive a web job order or a phone call, we place it in a priority queue and book a time with you. 

When a job request is made. We will contact you and arrange a time that is suitable for you to assist with the connection to your computer with a PC Service technician.

If you have an account with us we will charge the account. For new customers, we accept all forms of credit cards or you can pre-pay at our workshop.

We try to keep it simple.


  • $50.00 covers the first 30 minutes to run diagnostics and $50.00 per 30 min after that.

Onsite Visits

  • Callout $130.00 covers the first 1 hour calculated from our workshop. $65.00 per 30 mins thereafter.


  • $25.00 per 15 mins calculated from connection time.

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