Is Your Screen Laptop Damaged?

Laptop Screens

Has your laptop got a damaged screen? This doesn’t mean that it has to become a paperweight.

We can replace all displays but have found that some displays are expensive thus making them uneconomical to repair.

Damaged Laptop Screens have changed over the years and have become thinner and lighter. There are many different makes and models of panels for all the different laptop in the world.

We can advise you on cost and availability, just pop into the Workshop at 289 Colombo Street for advice or call us on 03 9820288.

Desktop Monitors

Desktop monitors are easy to replace when they go wrong but we can also repair all makes of desktop monitors. Quite often the cost of repair makes it uneconomical but this not always the case. Come and discuss your options with us.

We also supply a range of New and Second hand 20″ to 27″ monitors.

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