Data Backup and restore

Data Backup and Restore

Data Backup and Restore

Data Backup and Restore for Computers are very often overlooked till it is too late.

We have found that most systems we see, have growing libraries of images, document’s, music and videos. This data, if lost, is very upsetting and in some cases can be catastrophic and still most people, with this knowledge,  don’t run backups, period. 

Other things like Licencing of software, Accounting data, Application data, when lost, need to be replaced and can be costly.

Some people try with little success. We offer a solution that will back-up your system with little fuss and will send a confirmation email when done.

PC Service Centre sets up the system to your requirements and tests the Backup with a first restore. The system is fully automated to back up what has been setup. The setup should be checked when changes get made to the machine or setup. Our solutions are locally backed up to an appliance, then backed up to the cloud if required

Cloud Computing

Business Data Backup

If you have a business that has computers, workstations, servers, mobile devices, or any data device, It needs to be backup.

PC Service backups your Data to an appliance on the Network and then securely to the cloud for restore if ever required.

The Data Backup location is controlled by an appliance.  This appliance-based backup server connected to your network, from there it is sent to the cloud.

The user controls sent Data to the cloud. Critical data or the whole machine can be setup. Considerations like bandwidth, size, and what is essential to your business.

PC Service Centre use NAS appliances for the local backup and then a cloud solution for offsite backup of that network appliance.

Your Data, once encrypted, is stored in New Zealand or overseas depending on your business requirements.

Once we have looked at the infrastructure, as a whole, we put a plan together to be able to backup and recover data the best way possible.

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