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Desktop & Workstation Repairs and Upgrades

Desktop Repairs

PC Service Centre Desktop repairs can service and upgrade your desktop computer in our Workshop. Most of the time all we require is the computer (box) to fix the machine. We also offer a mobile service where we can come to your premises and work on the Desktop On-Site or pick up the computer and return it.

We service both Workstations as well as Desktops.

We find that most machines become slow over time and need a cleanup, both physical hardware and the software are vulnerable to the affectes of time. This routine process can be done promptly and in a  cost-effective way.

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Harddrive Replacements

Harddrives are the central repository of your Data, There are many different types of harddrives depending on your motherboard and manufactures design. We have, over the years, gone from mechanical to Solidstate harddrives which in nearly all cases are much faster.

We test all machines harddrives that come into the workshop and advise on speed, bad sectors, IO errors.


Speed Up My Computer Please

Computer speed is emotive. As computers get older, they slow down, often due to the age of the hardware and new software updates. We look at the speed of the machine and find its benchmark and look to see what will make it run faster. sometimes its a new piece of hardware or software configuration

Waiting for updatesWaiting for updates
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Power supply replacements

Computer Power Supplies are the lifeblood of the machine to make it run. System  Power supplies fail from time to time and generally are not repairable, but we can replace the unit itself. There are protections in place to protect the internals of the computer, but in some cases, this fails and brakes the whole machine — we need the desktop at our workshop to check and replace the power supply in a safe environment.

Power supply testPower supply test

Desktop Upgrades

Computer upgrades are an excellent way to keep your machine running and take advantage of the new things offered by the manufacturer as time goes on. We upgrade Operating system, Motherboards, Harddrives, Memory, Power supplies, Cases, Monitor, Video cards. All upgrades are done in our Workshop and tested to run before the machine leaves.

Full package desktop computerFull package desktop computer
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