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How to set a password on a windows10 machine

Live account:

  1. Click the Start button at the bottom left of your screen.
  2. Click Settings from the list to the left.
  3. Select Accounts.
  4. Select Sign-in options from the menu.
  5. Click on Change under Change your account password.
  6. In order to change your password, you have to sign in with your current Microsoft account password. Enter your password in the box. Click Sign in.
  7. Microsoft will send you a new code to change your password through the phone number that is associated with your account. Enter the last four digitsof your phone number to verify it is the correct number. Press Enter.
  8. You will receive a code on your phoneEnter the code.
  9. If you see this message then you successfully changed your password                                                                                                                                                                        


Local account:

  1. Log onto the desktop
  2. Simultaneously click on alt, control delete
  3. Select change password
  4. Type in the old password
  5. Type a new password and save.
  6. Log out and Log in with the new password.


Where do I get a new password from

We recommend that a Strong password is used for your login,  this can be generated with an online password generator.

There are many online password generators and have listed a couple



Password Security

As people, most of us are terrible at creating and remembering passwords. We see it all the time when we set up computers/Server Tablets  Read More:

Password Login Key

Can I use a USB login Key for windows? Yes   Read more

PC Service Centre

Hours we are open

PC Service Centre hours of trade –

We are open every weekday

Our hours are:

Friday 9AM–5PM
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed
Monday 9AM–5PM
Tuesday 9AM–5PM
Wednesday 9AM–5PM
Thursday 9AM–5PM

We are closed on weekends and statutory holidays.

We are located at-

Address: 2/289 Colombo St, Sydenham, Christchurch 8023

Computer maintenance

Yes, we offer full IT preventative maintenance checks of your computer systems. This includes a scheduled onsite visit at predetermined times set out in a formal schedule that suites.


Why should I backup

Why should I backup my laptop / Desktop, We have found that backing up a computer is one of the most overlooked jobs when it comes to computer security and safety. Computers that are on the web have a good chance they will be compromised either by a Bot of some sort of attack that has the ability to send data to an outside server, Your data. This can lead to all types of problems like email addresses being compromised password data accessed without your knowledge, photos being used and just personal data being used without you knowing. If these Intrusions happen sometimes it is difficult to clean the machine and still keep your own data as there can still be backdoors on your machine. We recommend that your computer is backed up on a regular basis so you can wind back the time when the machine was not infected. visit //mtwo.co.nz our sister company to Read more


How do I find my Eset licence number?

Click on the Eset icon at the bottom right of your screen, by the time and open the Eset window.
Enter the keyboard keys Crtl and U at the same time.
This will display your licencing details.

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Windows 7 to Windows 10 UPGRADES

Can my computer handle the windows 10 upgrade?

The best answer is most likely. We recommend machines that are 6 years and older are replaced to take full advantage of the Windows 10 features. All hardware is tested to make sure that it is compatible and fault free. We perform these tests before we run the upgrade to Windows 10.

When does support Finish.

Microsoft ended mainstream support for Windows 7 on January 13, 2015, but extended support won’t end until January 14, 2020


Don’t panic; Your machine will still work after this date. It will be like the demise of Windows XP. Support patches will no longer be updated by Microsoft, and your machine will become vulnerable to cyber attacks.

We recommend that you upgrade your machine to Windows 10 before this date.


  1. We Backup the data from your machine.
  2. We run hardware diagnostic   READ MORE

Computer Care

How to take care of your laptop screen

How to take care of your laptop screen:

  1. Picking up your laptop by the screen places stress on the thin LCD and can cause white spots when you look at it.
  2. close the display from both corners
  3. Clean the display with approved display cleaners
  4. Don’t leave anything on the keyboard when closing the screen

Internet Conections

Can I get Fibre?

Can I get Fibre? The fibre rollout is well on its way. Most ISP’s have a map that shows which eares can get fibre

can you configure my router?

can you configure my router? Yes we can if you are in the Christchurch area

E Mail

Set up for Spark Business Mail

Spark Business Mail is Spark’s business email service that replaces Officemail. Find out how to set up and use your account.

Sign in to your account

  • Sign in to your account from any mobile, tablet or computer via Webmail.
    Sign in now via Webmail

Set up Spark Business Mail on your phone or tablet

  • Select your device for Spark Business Mail set up instructions
  • First, select your device
  • Then select How to set up your email
  • Then follow the instructions to set up your Spark Business Mail on your phone or tablet.

Set up Spark Business Mail on your computer’s email client

Use these POP/SMTP or IMAP settings to set up your Spark Business Mail.

For any extra help in setting up your email, please refer to the Help and Support pages from your mail client provider. For instance, this might be Microsoft Outlook, Apple Mac Mail or Mozilla Thunderbird.

POP or SMTP settings

  • Incoming Mail Server: pop3.sparkbusinessmail.co.nz
  • Incoming Mail Port: 995 (with SSL)
  • Outgoing Mail Server: smtp.sparkbusinessmail.co.nz (requires authentication)
  • Outgoing Mail Port: 587 (with TLS) (use authentication)
  • Account Name/Login Name: Full E-Mail Address
  • E-Mail Address: Full E-Mail Address e.g. username@domainname.co.nz
  • Password: E-Mail Password

IMAP settings

  • Incoming Mail Server: imap.sparkbusinessmail.co.nz
  • Incoming Mail Port: 993 (with SSL)
  • Outgoing Mail Server: smtp.sparkbusinessmail.co.nz (requires authentication)
  • Outgoing Mail Port: 587 (with TLS) (use authentication)
  • Account Name/Login Name: Full E-Mail Address
  • E-Mail Address: Full E-Mail Address e.g. username@domainname.co.nz
  • Password: E-Mail Password
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