Hard drive Replacements

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Computer going slow? Chances are your hard drive is to blame.

Hard drive replacements without data loss

Hard Drive Replacements

Computer main data storage is normally a hard drive. Over the year, hard drives have been upgraded, and now we use SSD's which are fitted as a replacement. PC Service Centre can fit these without data loss.

Data Transfers

PC Service Centre's main aim is to protect data. We back up all data before we run any tests, data transfers or any data changes to be able to recover from any losses for your protection.

Hard drive Testing

We test all types of data stores, mechanical, SSD's, M.2 SATA, to name a few for speed and consistency.

Data Recovery

We have software to perform level2 data recovery from hard drives that have had data loss, failed or not able to boot.

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Frequently asked questions

Outside physically damaged hard drives, they last from 3-5 years, sometimes longer. But the older the hard drive gets the slower they become. A new replacement will help with speed of boot and data processing of the computer.

Yes, we can. We have access to many types of hard drives and SSD’s that will fit your computer. All we need is the computer to back it up and transfer all the data from the old hard drive.

You will notice that your computer will run slower and slower as time goes on.  Once you notice this, it is recommended that the hard drive is tested to diagnose any faults. 

Yes, we can. Drop the machine off in our workshop and we will take care of it from there. 

Windows 10 has built in checks and test like defrag and check disk that will do a low level test while the machine is running and will reallocate bad sectors for a while. Recommendation: When you see reallocation in the logs of Windows, it is time to get the hard drive replaced.

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