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Home Computer Users – Repairs

PC Service Centre values Home Computer Users. We offer a full range of IT services at the Colombo Street Workshop, Onsite (at your place) or Remote support (we can log onto your computer from anywhere). From computer repairs, malware and antivirus cleanups, backups right through to VOIP phones and broadband we can cater to all your requirements.

To learn more about our phone and internet options visit MTWO Limited, our subsidiary company.

Internet Connections

All modern computers need the internet to install updates for the operating system and to connect to the web for browsing, email, games. When the internet connection fails, it is a point of frustration as the machine will not run the way it should because it is looking for the internet.  If you have issues with the internet, we can fix them. We will come onsite and find the problem and attempt to resolve it for you.

Setting Up internetSetting Up internet
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Computer Repairs

Is your computer running slow or not all. WE FIX ALL TYPES OF COMPUTERS. We can come to your place our at our workshop in Colombo street. To assess the machine, we first backup the data then diagnose the fault and contact you with a plan on how to proceed.

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Blue screen on laptopBlue screen on laptop
motherboard repair

PC Service Centre Helpdesk

Our helpdesk has been set up to look after all your IT Faults. Our Helpdesk is on call in business hours and can help with all IT related issues. At the time of the call, we will asses the problem and set up a course of action to resolve the problem.


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IT Services

Harddrive Upgrades

Over the years harddrives have become faster, and now they have changed from mechanical to Solid State Drives with no moving parts which have made them more stable and quieter.


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Monitors Screens and Panels

When your panel fails, it is time to get it fixed as it causes lots of frustration not seeing everything on the screen if anything at all. We replace all types of laptop screens and have a monitor repair service for 17″ to 27″ units.


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Broken laptop screenBroken laptop screen
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Data BackUp And Restore

Backups for Computers are very often overlooked till it is too late.

We have found that most systems we see, have growing libraries of images, document’s, music and videos. A lot of these memories and data, if lost, is very upsetting. There are 2 main platforms that we use.

  1. Cloud backup
  2. Local Backup

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Backup laptopBackup laptop


Being hacked or intruded is not much fun. We can, however, do a lot to stop many different attacks.

  • Antivirus
  • Internet security
  • Using apps
  • Secure Passwords
  • Changing passwords regularly
  • Use firewalls and or VPN’s
  • Keeping your machine update
There are many internet security products on the market and we will install all of them. We recommend ESET for all Antivirus and Internet security.
The main issue to be aware of is to make sure that your program is installed correctly, current and is suitable for your environment.
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Also, don’t forget to check out our FAQ on Internet Security 
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Eset endpoint

Hardware and Software Sales

We have opened a Webstore with all the IT equipment for your home I.T. It is open 24/7 and easy to use. If you cant, find what you need we will endeavour to acquire it for you. Just contact us on 039820288, and we will be able to assist.  Read More

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