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I.T. Solutions For Home Computing

Services: Workshop I.T. Repairs, On-Site Service, Remote Logon Solution.

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Products: Computer Repairs, Laptop Batteries, Installed Parts, Data Networking

Printers, Screen Replacements. Computer Installations . . .


We Fix Computers

Colombo Street Worksop

We are located at 289 Colombo Street with a big car park for your convenience to drop off and pickup your computers.

PC Service On-Site

Our onsite team take care of those computer jobs which need to be at your place. 

Courier Pickup

Due to Covid and isolation dropping of onsite is not an option we can arrange a contactless pickup and drop off courier service. 

Home IT solutions

Screen Repairs

Is your laptop screen cracked or damaged?  The repair process involves swapping out the screen. We have access to many screens and screen types. 

Power DC Jack and Power adapters

PC Service Centre has access to a large variety of laptop DC jacks, laptop batteries and power adapters.

Software / Drivers

Drivers are programs that make the computer talk to the hardware. When a driver is updated or is corrupt, the operating system will stop to protect itself. This results in a blue screen and must be resolved to allow the machine to start again. 

laptop Repairs


Has your machine failed? PC Service workshop has test equipment to backup, test, and resolve all faults presented by computers.

Security software

Viruses and malware cause machines to run slow and compromise the computer’s security. We recommend running a top-level internet security product like Eset Internet Security and following safe computing guidelines.

Need hardware/software

PC Service Centre webstore is open 24/7. All products are put through our quality of service procedure and come with a manufactures warranty for your protection.

Desktop Repairs


Is your internet connection slow, cant talk to the ISP for advise? We are always only a phone call away during business hours and will advise on the best connection fit for you.


Wi-Fi signal strength versus throughout the house or office. Let’s get it sorted.

WiFi / Internet

PC Webstore

Open 24/7, All our products are shipped through business hours and subject to stock availability. If a stock item goes into back order we will be in touch to advise.


Need a quote for any I.T. Equipment? Fill out the form in the link and we will generate it ASAP.

PC Service WebStore