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 I.T Upgrades for home and Business

All hardware and software have an expiry date, Business solutions sit at about 3 years and home IT is about 5 Years. It is dependent on use and how the Systems are used.

– Laptops –  Replacements, Harddrives, Memory, Software …

– Desktops – Replacements, Harddrives, Memory, Software …

– Printers – Replacements, Memory, Harddrives …

– Network – Replacements,  WiFi,  Switches,  Routers …

Laptop Upgrades

Laptops upgrades are limited to the manufactures form factors. P Service can upgrade Harddrives in nearly all laptops, Ram in most laptops, LCD in most laptops. If you have a slow laptop or the requirements for the unit has changed contact us to discuss your options

Laptop Repairs helpLaptop Repairs help
Call us on 03 9820288 to discuss a Laptop upgrade.

Desktops are fully upgradeable. Harddrives, RAM, Video cards. Motherboards, all sorts of addon cards, Coolers, and the list goes on. When you look at upgrading Keep an eye on cost and compare with new equipment. We can advise on all desktop upgrades.

generic desktopsilver stone desktop
Call us on 03 9820288 to discuss a Desktop upgrade.
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