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Broadband, Internet, WiFi connections

PC Service Centre BroadBand solution

Choose your plan for Residential Broadband

You will be charged for the plan after the admin approves your vendor account

Super Speical
Starter Plan

$ 60
00 Per Month
  • Residential Only - New connections
  • 50D / 20U
  • New connections only
  • Unlimited Internet

Residential UFB

$ 127
00 Per Month
  • Residential UFB
  • 300D/100U
  • New and exsisting connections
  • Unlimited Internet


$ 180
00 Per Month
  • Ultimate Residential UFB
  • 1000D / 500U
  • New and Exsisting connections
  • Unlimited Internet

Choose your plan for Business Broadband

You will be charged for the plan after the admin approves your vendor account


$ 108
00 Per Month
  • Standard Flat Rate ADSL
  • speeds dependent on connection
  • Business and Resedential
  • Unlimited Internet

Business Fibre

$ 164
00 Per Month
  • Business UFB
  • 300D/300U
  • New and exsisting connections
  • Unlimited Internet

High Speed Fibre

$ 179
00 Per Month
  • Ultimate Business UFB
  • 1000D / 500U
  • New and Exsisting connections
  • Unlimited Internet

Standard Broadband Installation Details:

Chorus Copper | ADSL & VDSL

ADSL installations will attract install fees based on the costs incurred by Chorus to provision the service. Due to the variables involved in an installation, we are unable to determine the exact type of installation that will be required before commencing the building, particularly regarding ADSL. - this product is beneficial when you can't connect to fibre.


The above connections do not include a router. PC Service centre and MTwo have an extensive range of routers and will recommend a devise at the time of quote.

UFB / Fibre Connections

Business UFB Connections have a standard install charge of $124. Residential UFB connections have free standard install. Complex installations that require additional trenching or on site work may incur additional installation charges, but these will be advised and quoted in advance – typically directly to the customer by the contractor undertaking the install.


PC Service Centre will install and configure your new or existing router and connect WiFi devices as required. See our pricing or request a quote.

Alternative Connection


All businesses need internet and connections to support VoIP, Cloud products, Office, Email. PC Service Centre supply Business grade broadband throughout New Zealand.


Can’t get Fibre or ADSL? There is an alternative across the cellular network. 

Structured Cabling and WiFi

PC Service Centre install setup and configure all type of cabling and WiFi solutions. 

PC Service Centre Internet, WiFi Connections

Frequently asked questions

You can purchase solutions from us at and we will be able to assist you.

Yes, we can. This can be done by our team remotely or a scheduled onsite visit till completion.

Connect to you router with a LAN cable and go to

Yes, Not recommened as poorly configured routers can have unforseen issues.

The install of our internet connections are all inclusive and inclued the router setup. Does not include extended firewall setups.

Yes, Router age and should be replaced every 3years. This will help to keep hardware and software uptodate

All routers need firmware to be updated, and This will update the firewall and some configuration files required to keep the router safe. PC Service  Centre will check these settings as part of our management contracts – Contact us for more information.

PC Service Centre looking after all home computing and business I.T. Contact Us

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