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IT Solutions for Business

Business solutions

We offer a full IT department dedicated to keeping your business running smoothly.


PC Service Technicians will consult on all jobs with the designate person. On completion will explain what has been fixed and if there could be any impact to any users to help make your business run smoother.

On-Site Service

We have a workshop to assist our onsite team with all hardware and software issues encountered by most businesses.

Remote Service

Business today is all about speed and when a break down happens it must be fixed ASAP.

PC Service Centre is able to log onto your machine at your request and fix 80% of problems. All we need is an internet connection to the End point.

Remote IT support is available for workstations and servers.

Service Level Agreements

PC Service Centre offer Service Level Agreements to businesses that are looking for an offsite IT department that will look after all IT issues. We offer Hardware, Software, Repair service, VOIP, software, Web services and more

Fast and trusted service for your home or office computer system