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Networking Solutions

PC Service Centre can help create a Networking solution that works for your business/office. Working with you, we can look at what you have in place, and by keeping the right parts and upgrading were required, put in place a network tailored towards working for you!

Networks are what connect your computers to allow file sharing, Email and Internet connections. We connect to servers via on-premise servers or cloud servers.

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Fibre to UTP cabling
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Connecting Computers

PC Service Centre will setup your networking solutions with your office/business in mind. We can connect two or more computers, making it easier for everyone in your business to be on the same page when needed. These computers can be joined to a file repository, internet, servers and access the same files when required.

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We can connect your networking solution using either cables or/and WiFi, connecting your computers so that they can work together.

Internet is set up through, our sister company. The internet is not required to connect computers together but a critical part of the business environment today. We set up networks with equipment that controls the gateway (entry point) to detect vulnerabilities and intrusions to keep you as safe as possible. When you connect systems, it is also recommended to use software to protect the computer from internal attacks.

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Setting Up internetSetting Up internet


Physical connections of your network is critical to reliablility and stability of data flow. Installation of wiring is at the time of the build of the premises. We can advise on what is required.

WiFi is an option to overcome unreliable wiring. Many WiFi business-grade routers handle traffic to a database and the internet.

All networking IT equipment should be in a cabinet to keep it clean and safe. We install close to the internet connection point for ease of access.

All installed routers are set up with firewalls active

Switches are gigabyte and connected to access the data on your network.

Cabling is Cat6 for maximum data flow.

Fibre to UTP cabling
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