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Your Office IT Solutions and Support Centre

Office IT Solutions

Setting up your Office IT starts with planning. Things you need to consider are internet, server and workstations, marketing solutions, VOIP solutions and Backup. We can Provision, Install and Maintain all the solutions that we supply.

  • Internet (supplied by MTWO)
  • Servers (We can offer all makes and models but we highly recommend HP)
  • Workstations (We can offer custom built  or proprietary machines)
  • VOIP (Supplied by MTWO. Yealink and 3CX)
  • Website solution custom built and SEO optimized
  • Backup (Installed on servers and workstations)
  • Maintenance contracts (custom made to fit with your business)


All of these options can be acquired and installed by us in any combination


At PC Service Centre, in partnership with MTWO Limited, We provide Offce IT Solutions. This starts with the install of your Internet. Depending on availability in your area we can assist and supply ADSL, VDSL or  Fibre. We recommend Fibre if it is available as Fibre is more stable than the copper network.

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Network Solutions

Once your Internet is up and running the next step is to get your Network setup. We can come and talk to you and go over the best options for your business. The Infrastructure / Network is dependent on many different influencing factors including: is there a server, how many machines …

Read more about Network Solutions

Server / Gateway

Step three is to setup your physical server and or gateway. In conjunction with you we can go over your requirements and complete everything necessary to get this up and running.

Read more about servers

Workstations, Laptops & Mobile Devices

When your ready to start the next step we can help your ensuring that you have all the workstations, laptops or mobile devices you need to keep your business going.

See more about what hardware we can assist you with


Once your hardware is setup we need to ensure you have the software required to keep your business running smoothly. We help locate, install and manage everything from Security right through to your Email and Office Products.

VOIP – Internet Phone Systems

VOIP or Internet Phones have been designed to take advantage of the super fast VDSL and Fibre connections available all over New Zealand.

Data Backup and Restore

Once you have your Office IT all sorted the last thing you need to worry about is losing your data. Through MTWO Limited we can provide you with a customised backup solution.

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