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PC Service Centre | Passwords
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Passwords, Do we need them?

Password Security

Password Vaults

As people, most of us are terrible at creating and remembering passwords. We see it all the time when we setup computers/Server Tablets. The most common default password is Password1. This is often used to setup a computer/server, then a request made at next login to reset the password. We come back a week later and the password is still the same or changed to 123456 or Password2.

In today’s computing, banking, cloud computing environment this is not strong enough. There are many attacks on machines from the internet that exploit vulnerabilities within the operating system on a 24/7 basis. Servers and corporate systems will stop most of these but it only takes one success and hackers can wreak havoc on your systems. We also find that some people share passwords with others – be aware this leaves you open to local compromise.

There are many solutions to enable you to have adequate password protection. Listed below are two solutions to the problem, which if used correctly will allow you to take control and use complex passwords while only having to remember one.

LastPass has a commitment to keeping things secure.

  1. Unlimited Password Storage
  2. Say goodbye to sticky notes
  3. Fortify your Passwords
  4. Keep Digital and Printed Records
  5. Password Sharing
  6. Passwords on all your devices


LastPass uses 2 step authentication for security

Dashlane is secure and portable and also has a Premium Version available

  1. Password Manager
  2. Form Autofill
  3. Digital Wallet
  4. Password Generator
  5. Password Changer
  6. Security Alerts


Dashlane uses 2 step authentication for security

Password Login Keys

Custom Keys

Having problems remembering your password or logging onto your machine too often? A USB key maybe just what you need. There are multiple ways of logging on with a USB key.

PC Service Centre can supply USB keys for:

  1. Logon Keys
  2. Face Login Keys
  3. Login Key for Macs
  4. Disk Encryption Keys
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