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Phone and Computer Scammers


Phone and Computer Scammers

BE VIGILANT! Scammers on the phone are very active at present and they can be very pushy with their desire to get onto your computer.

They will say things about your computer that are incorrect and keep trying to get you to log them on to your system. Once on your system their spiel will require a credit card and will charge for the service they claim to provide.

Our experience has been that most computers don’t need the work they claim to be doing and this ranges from Reinstalling a new antivirus solution to installing Registry hacking programs.

There is also a popup scam that presents on the screen saying that your anti virus has expired and you must contact them as soon as possible. This is not the case and your paid antivirus solution will protect you from any viral activity on your computer. This is Malware and normally has to be removed by us.

Please make sure that the when you get an alert about anything read the alert and take appropriate action. If the alert is saying to call someone this is most unusual, as computers don’t interact in this way with service providers.

If you don’t know what the alert means Contact Us.

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