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IT products

Ever found yourself looking at a computer screen and it loads slow the cloud solution that was supposed to be the best thing ever just takes forever to load, the app works here but not there, systems seem to be controlling you rather than you them well we can help. PC Service IT plans are designed around stability and reliability for home and Business IT needs that will keep all your IT running smoothly. 

Fast internet


The internet comes in many different speeds and sizes. PC Service internet is designed to fit all types of home and business situations. We will assess your needs and put forward our recommendations. To start the process, click on the button below, and we will be in touch shortly.

Computer technician installs cooling system of computer. Assembling PC


Our Online Shop has a small selection of hardware Hardware. We have access to many makes and models of IT hardware. For a quote, please click on the button below, and we will be in touch.

Cyber Security


Software is the oile of the IT system and the wrong software will make the system slow and be full of frustration for the enad user – YOU. Our plan will cover a solution to fix this.

Cloud office


The network is the backbone of your system.

At home, slow WiFi causes frustration and slow connection to cloud services. 

In business, it is critical that the wired and WiFi networks are set up and tested to avoid data loss and breaches, 



Security is the most critical piece of the puzzle. Out plan covers Antivirus, Backup, Firewalls, Pen Testing, System monitoring