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PC Service Centre remote service is  offered to existing clients, This is to provide Remote Support Access enabling our technicians to access your PC remotely (via the internet), for the sole purpose of providing assistance for a specific issue. This cannot be done without your knowledge or approval as a unique automatically changing password is required to be given to our technician for each and every session. Throughout the access time the client can monitor the work being done on their machine.

The software used is a commercially licensed version of TeamViewer that PC Service Centre has purchased the rights to use.

For further information on this product please go to TeamViewer.


This service is billed by PC Service Centre in 15 minute increments (based on our normal hourly rate of $100 inc GST). These fees may not apply to clients on remote support contract plans. This service is subject to our standard terms and conditions and is invoiced accordingly. If you have any questions on this service and its associated charges please talk to the technician prior to commencing using this service or contact us directly.

PC Service Uses the Teamviewer network to remotely log onto a machine to help fix and access software errors.

Security is at the forefront of our mind. We can only log onto your computer with your help. Once we have logged off  from your computer we can only log back on with a  a newly issued passcode.
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