Windows tips and tricks

PC Service Centre tips and tricks for Windows 10 and Windows 11 the newest and latest operating system offering from Microsoft. 

By Maarten Schaap


Routers are the gateway of the network. Install networks. They control the data flow from the internet to your computer. The data is handed off to a server and active switch as your network grows.

Setup –

Setting up a router from you ISP is normally easy as they are preconfigure to default settings – We would recommend that you log onto your router with the username and password that is normally on the bottom ar back of the device and at a minimum change the log in passwords these are default. as the network grows the complexity of the system will increase and the security around a domestic router will need to be addressed, We can advise on this. 

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Internet cable, RJ-45 plug on laptop keyboard. High speed fiber optic internet concept
Networking administration service. engineer administrator with computer checking server hardware equipment of data center
Router interior room on the table and two man background.