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Servers and Workstations


A server is a computer or computer program which manages access to a centralised resource or service in a network.

Local servers run on all types of hardware at your premises that have an internet connection. The server can run from anywhere within the building linking workstations to a central point and controlling all aspects of the application data that the software is looking after. Commonly servers are used as Domain Controllers. Active directory controllers, Exchange servers, App RDP servers and File servers to name a few.

Most of these functions are also controlled from the Internet and called Cloud computing and is controlled by someone elses hardware which you rent.

PC Service Centre can recommend Local Servers or Cloud solutions that are right for you and your business offering a full installation service of all the recommendations we make.

We can come and talk to you about your business needs.

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Workstations vs Desktop Computer

A standard Work Station can handle most basic tasks such as emails, internet browsing and word processing and connected to a server.

If you require something with a bit more speed for software such as CAD, animation, extensive data analysis tasks, then you need to look at a desktop computer.

Because it can do more and generally has a much higher durability rate the cost of a desktop computer will be quite a bit higher than a standard workstation.

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Our technicians work closely with the businesses assigned contact and major suppliers and manufacturers to get the best support and deals for your business. We look at what works in your business with the equipment that is available at the time. Our goal is to supply, install and maintain the I.T infrastructure with minimal fuss and disruption to the daily working of your business.

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