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Workshop I.T. Repairs

P.C. Service Centre workshop is located at 2/289 Colombo street with a large car park to drop off the I.T. equipment that needs servicing. If you are unsure of what equipment to drop off, call us, and we will advise you. We also have an online form you can fill in to save you time.

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Onsite I.T. repairs

Computers never fail at the right time. PC Service Centre onsite I.T. repairs technician will come onsite and deal with all types of I.T. problems.

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Remote Computer Access

When there is an I.T. issue, and it has to be fixed, fast, we can log on with an active internet connection securely and safely with our remote program. 

Call IT Support for all IT solutions

I.T. Monitoring

Business systems need to stay up and relevant to the network and the business. With monitoring, we can track the main stats of the machine-like hard drive space, memory load, CPU load, machine uptime and much more. I.T. monitoring is part of our I.T. contract system and will advise how the system works when we implement the strategy.