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Software Installers

PC Service Centre are the software installers of your favourite software – We can install the operating system and all the updates for the software. PC service Centre install’s all types of 3rd party software solutions (we need licensing details for this). We will coordinate between you and the software vendor to install and setup the applications to the vendor’s specifications.

Common software

  1. Windows 10

  2. Microsoft Office

  3. Email Clients

  4. Accounting Solutions

  5. Application Solutions

  6. Server Solutions – All

  7. Monitoring Solutions – Used by our Management  solutions

Software suppySoftware suppy
Installing softwareInstalling software

Business Software

Businesses have demanding software requirements. Most businesses with over 5 workstations require a server, Cloud or On-Premise. Servers are used for many different solutions – Remote Desktop, Exchange, Active Directory, File, Backup … all of which PC Service Centre can supply, install and configure. All software is supplied as a license and must be activated, activation can be a very complex process which we can take care off for you.

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Cloud Software

Cloud Software has many advantages from being up-to-date all the time through to being able to be accessed across multiple devices. At PC Service Centre we are able to setup, install and configure All cloud software solutions from Office 365, Azure, Gsuite through to 3rd party Apps and Accounting Solutions.

Cloud software installersCloud software installers
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