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Workshop Computer Repairs

PC Service Centre workshop is located at 289 Colombo Street, Christchurch.

We have a car park with plenty of off-street parking available for you to drop off your laptop or desktop computer.

All repairs are performed in a safe and methodical way and all machines we work on are backed up before we make any changes. As part of the standard process, we test the hardware and run Malware scans unless only a Minimum diagnostics has been requested. Once the diagnostics are complete then we will start on the fix.

Our Workshop is fully equipped to backup, repair, perform all virus removals, operating system reloads, software reloads, hardware upgrades and much more.

We will get your computer performing diagnostics same day as dropped off with a call about our recommended course of action to fix your computer.

Hardware Solutions

We have a range of new Laptops and Desktops available for immediate purchase in store. Our workshop also has a service available that will setup the machine, install all operating system updates and transfer data.

If you need help with setting up at home or your Business, one of our technicians will come out to your place, setup your computer connecting it to the internet, printer, setup WiFi connections, and check the security of your devices.

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Fast and trusted service for your home or office computer system
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